graces the ceremony in a grand sari worked profusely in gold. To the untrained eye a cohesive tapestry of pearls, stones, beads, and sequins cannot be noticed, in many ways the hill city of Kandy like her bride's dress has many hidden Jewels.

While the golden canopy of the Temple of the Tooth shines attracting the attention of travelers, the hidden pearls in & around the majestic hill town continue to shine. Travel brochures may talk about the majestic temple & Kandy's shimmering lake. However, it rarely mentions the breathtaking forest trails, which was once the battle grounds fought over by the Portuguese , The Dutch and finally the British or even the friendly Kandyan natives who allow access to their homes displaying traditional drum making and brass fabrication using ancient techniques. Apart from providing 5 star service, the Mahaweli Reach Hotel and its Staffs are take pride in enriching you with Kandyan Culture much in detail than tourist brochures and catalogues.

Look beneath the gold, dig deeper & let us guide you to the hidden Jewels of Kandy.
The relaxing hues of green are complimented with the scent of Ankenda & cinnamon at the blissfully refreshing forests. Like the Sinhala Kings & British cavalry before you, walk along the historical path, in this tranquil forest. Once a pleasure garden of Kandyan Kings' this lush forest behind the Temple of the Tooth is a hill of calmness and the ideal location to cool down as the crisp air filters through your lungs. Walk at your own pace to the orchestra of over 80 different species of birdlife chirping away. Udawattekelle has for centuries been a peaceful retreat for many of the Buddhist Monks who reside in Kandy. This picturesque sanctuary of serenity &relaxation is an ample arena for couples on their honeymoon, as much as it is for the discerning traveler.
Knuckles Ranges
Bordering the Mahaweli Valley to the south and east and the Matale Valley to the West is the Knuckles ranges. Travel through this vast rolling and never ending hills which is in the pattern of a clenched fist. Breathe through fresh air while walking alongside tea plantation workers. This vast area with unspoiled views is free from large tourist groups & perfect for that romantic adventure or an easy trek to break a sweat. Take in the beautiful mountain landscapes from the 'mini worlds end'. The perfect location for lunch outing and brisk walks which can be arranged as per request by the Mahaweli Reach Staff. After lunch discover the friendly faces hidden within the mountain ranges of a large native community of villagers who have lived in the areas of Meemure, Kaikawala, and Galamuduna. Gain a greater understanding of their simple day-to-day lifestyle as you watch them cultivate & harvest the land in the same way their ancestors did centuries before them.
Drum Makers
Sri Lankan history has a deep-rooted connection with music, it moves the country & its heart beats to the drum. The manufacturing of these drums are of great importance & its manufacturing occurs not in large factories but in the hidden villages on the outskirts of Kandy. Let Mahaweli Reach take you into the homes of the drum makers and introduce you to the industry which pulsates a nation. Get hands on experience in the process from carving, shaping, leather strapping and finally test these handmade drums yourself. Make yourself one amongst the few who have experienced these famous Sri Lankan handmade drums and be a part of the nations heart beat.
Brass Makers
Sri Lanka's traditional brass ornaments have added beauty and elegance to households in the island for centuries. Lighting a traditional oil lamp is a key event at any auspicious occasion in Sri Lanka. Be a part of this ancient process as we take you to one amongst the few home based brass makers. The craftsmen will let you in on little secrets on how to properly melt, pour & carve brass. Stand back as you watch these craftsmen wield away with scorching hot molten brass in these hot conditions, As you perspire in amazement. You'll be mystified as to how quickly they work with a watchmakers attention to detail as they hand carve these ornaments right before you. Let Mahaweli Reach not just show you these breathtaking works of art but also experience it!
Spectacle Makers
Be one of the few people on earth to experience dying art of 'spectacle making'. According to folklore the art of spectacle making, a process where large rocks of quartz are cut, shaped & then fashioned to be used as glasses or spectacles has been in existence since 1346. At the brink of extinction we introduce you to this incredible craft by taking you into the private residence of One of the very few, if not the last man known to be a master of this craft. Long believed to be a descendent of the original spectacle makers who made glasses for Sinhala Kings we will introduce you to Mr. Gunasoma the master in the art of spectacle making. Mr. Gunasoma will take you through the process of sculpting quartz into wearable & effective glasses, using the very same tools & techniques used by his ancestors; you will be stunned to learn how this age old process made from rock crystals fashioned with primitive instruments is still as effective as it was in 1346.
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